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Artist Statement

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Artist Statement

Hannah Wong

My jewelry is inspired by forms found in nature, as well as architecture and topographical maps. I am attracted to clean lines, geometric forms and intricate patterns. I attempt to harvest my inspirations and apply meaning to my work by designing with a purpose.  My desire is to create work that challenges traditional conceptions of beauty and social conventions. 

As a trained metalsmith, I work primarily in sterling silver and 14k gold. I design modern jewelry with details of Mokume Gane,  Keum boo, traditional stone setting and crushed gemstones. Copper and bronze are used when I make Mokume gane, a metalsmithing technique derived from an ancient Japanese sword making process of layering metals. My art process involves experimenting with texturizing, soldering, and oxidizing metal. I challenge conventional gemstone setting by crushing and reconstructing them in my pieces. I also seek out unique gemstones that I can compliment with metal forms that accentuate the natural details of the stones.

My end goal is to create modern and sophisticated jewelry that results in a statement piece for the wearer.