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The Triple Mini

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Need a necklace that will go with everything? This is it! No matter the occasion, the Triple Mini necklace will always be the right thing to wear!


Three simple textured circles float on a unique chain with metal dots scattered all the way around. The simplicity makes this the perfect go-to necklace and a great gift for anyone special in your life.

Materials: Sterling Silver textured circles with either; Sterling Silver, Oxidized Silver, Gold Fill, or a Rose Gold chain.


Measurements: Each circle measures 0.4inch or 10mm 


Available in a variety of metal combinations so you can match your current favorite or branch out into mixing metals.  Don't let anyone tell you that you can't mix metal colors: You're the boss of you! 



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Handmade with love

Get ready to own a one-of-a-kind piece that perfectly complements your individual beauty.

Please keep in mind that hand-textured patterns may vary in appearance as they are individually hammered by me. Gemstones are hand-chosen and may vary in color and intensity as well as natural inclusion, that's the beauty of real gemstones!

I hope you'll delight in the fact that a real human created these for you and the evidence of it being handmade.

Thanks, you're the best!!